Ms. D'Andrea

Room # C2
860-870-6750 Ext: 30161

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Things to know about Ms. D'Andrea:

  • I am first and always an artist!
  • I have been teaching in Tolland since 1999, first as an Art teacher, then in the Computer Lab for about 8 years and now I am back in Art.  Good thing teachers are so flexible!
  • Art at the elementary level is all about process, exposure to new things and repetition.  One of my favorite jokes is "How do you get to Carnegie Hall?" "Practice, practice, practice!"  The same is true for art!
  • Collage is my favorite art form lately.  It lets me mix media and use found objects as well.  Printmaking, watercolor, paper, beads and yarn can all find their way into my artwork.  And inspiration can come from anywhere!
  • One of my favorite quotes is from the famous Greek philosopher Socrates who said, 
    "I cannot teach anybody anything.  I can only make them think."