Ms. D'Andrea teaches the
Computer Technology classes.

Computer Lab lessons integrate technology
and support the classroom curriculum

For more information on kids and typing skills
please read the following article,

Teaching Keyboarding: More Than Just Typing

computer keyboard






    Computer Productivity Skills






   Interact with program menus and demonstrate correct use of
     the user-interface of prescribed instructional software.




Create a document to present ideas and conclusions
    using word processing software for entering,
    proofing, revising, and printing.




  Demonstrate proficiency at keyboarding
    and the use of the mouse to enter text and numbers.




Use age-appropriate audio and multimedia tools to present ideas. 
   Included here is Powerpoint.





    Improve the appeal of written documents by using more advanced features of
       word processing and publishing software including styles, colors, and clipart. 
    Able to save/retrieve/modify files on the network.

     I - Introduced in the indicated grade

      A - Assessed in the indicated grade

All websites are prescreened and students are supervised.
Students access preselected websites through
Birch Grove's  KidLinks  page.
When used outside of school, adult supervision is advised.

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